Cash Back


The Rewards Are Yours With an Excellent Claims-Free Record

Our Cashback program rewards you by refunding a portion of your combined auto and homeowner premiums. Simply remain claim-free for three consecutive years from your Cashback anniversary date, on both your auto and homeowner policies, and you’ll receive a check for 25% of your combined first-year premiums!

How Can We Refund 25% of your Premiums?

It costs us more to write “new” business than to keep a good policyholder like you. Therefore, the longer we keep you as a satisfied customer, the better for our company…and for you. We spend less and so do you!

How to get Cashback … The Key Is To Be Safety Conscious

And, as long as you stay claim-free, you continue to save by being an American National policyholder.

Because you’re part of a very conscientious group of people who take pride in their property, drive defensively, and recognize the importance of keeping claim costs down, you allow us to keep your premiums down.

Add all these factors together, and it’s easy to see how we can afford to pay you for being a good policyholder. The CashbackSM program is our way of giving good policyholders the premium break you deserve.

HOWEVER, if you should have a loss, rest assured that American National will be there when you need us! In fact, the majority of our customers rate our claims service as excellent – the highest category!