Frequently Asked Questions

We run into a lot of questions about insurance. Over time we’ve taken notes on some of the most common ones we get asked.

If you have a questions not listed here, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  Email us or give us a shout.  We look forward to speaking with you!

1. What does full coverage mean for car insurance?

A: Full coverage is kinda misleading for most people.  What they mean by full coverage is often being covered if it is your fault or someone’s else fault and they don’t have insurance.  What you should really look for is if you have enough coverage.

2. How do I know I'm covered enough for car insurance?

A:Taking a look at your policy with one of our team members is the best way to know if you have enough coverage.  What we look for immediately is if you only have the minimum require by law or if you are really covered well enough if you are in an accident.





3. What about my home owners insurance? Does the coverage matter there, too?

A:Since your home is likely your largest investment, having the right coverage is a really big deal.  The most important thing to look at in your home owners insurance policy is replacement cost.





4. Why does replacement cost matter on a home owners insurance policy?

A:The replacement cost of your home is different than the market value or the tax assessed value.  Let’s say your house burned and was a total loss.  The cost to remove all the damage is now included in the rebuild.





5. What happens if I am only insuring based on market value?

A:Only insuring based on market value will leave you in a bad place if you experience a total loss.  You need to be insured 80% to replacement cost.  If you are insured 80% to market value you’ll be in for an unpleasant surprise when filing a claim.

6. What is Cash Back?

A:Cash Back is an incredible program where you can receive a check from ANPAC each year when you go three years claim free.  You should ask us about it.  We love getting people Cash Back checks!

7. Do I need term life insurance or permanent life insurance?

A:Term life insurance and permanent life insurance each has it’s own place.  An example of a good use for term is protecting a mortgage.  Mortgages have a set time they will be paid and a term policy can be put in place for the life of the mortgage.

8. What kind of permanent life insurance products do I need?

A:Your life situation is unique and will require tailored recommendations.  We promise to walk you through the process and to make sure you are taken care of, even if we might not be a good fit.

9. How can you help me plan for retirement?

A:There are a number of ways life insurance and annuities can help plan for retirement.  The most important thing to understand is whether or not you are projected to outlive your money.

10. Do I really need life insurance?

A:When it is your time to leave this earth, you are going to love someone or owe someone (maybe both).  Being responsible with life insurance will protect those you leave behind.

11. What if I've had a previous claim?

A:All claims are not created equal.  Let’s take a look at your past history and see how much, if at all, it will factor into a new policy.

12. Is switching insurance companies a pain?

A:We are here to make sure doing business with us is comfortable and easy.  We’ll be with you each step along the way and will make the transition smooth and peaceful.